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I have designed this website to show the experience and skills that I have obtained whilst working for the companies shown. The website is to explain in more detail about my problem solving, progression towards a better work environment, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing shrink and waste, product knowledge, improvement programs, meeting to the demands set by today's world, ownership of a department, value for money service, customer service experience, leading by example, leading a team, communication, understanding range management, floor plan changes and how they affect the store, alternative ideas and solutions, legal requirements and keeping to the standards of the company, share holders, colleagues and most important, the customer. Please use the menu shown above to see more details about me and how I can contribute towards your company is a positive, professional and be a great asset towards the team.

Who is Mark Banks?

In a working environment, I am a person that has a strong understanding of the needs to do more to get the results that are needed to give the very best service to all those who use us. It has always been my goal to do the jobs that are needed to show and be an example to others to help create ownership of a department to increase sales and satisfaction. Criticism towards the role is not negative, it's an improvement program to help me and the company see a better way forward to getting the area's correct. Understanding the demands and moving with the times allows us all to increase the customer's satisfaction levels and product knowledge.

At home, I am a very proud father of three children and they give me great joy to see them grow each year. My eldest has just started secondary as my youngest has been rewarded a scholarship with PDA academy. As with my work, I do not see any bad results as a disappointment, only as an area that needs to be improved and better understanding. As a positive role model to my children, I have helped them understand how to cook from fresh and create some unusual recipes in the name of fun and experience. As we travel on breaks, we stop at heritage sites to give them a view of the importance of history and admire other areas not usually shown to them.

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