Banks Family Chores

Bathroom and Hallway


Dishwasher - Empty and refill and put on if full
Clean sides - remove anything that should not be there and spray and clean
Cooker - Spray and wipe clean cooker (only if cold)
Recycling - Empty recycling bin
Waste bin - Check and replace with a new bag if needed
Washing Machine - Check with mum, If washing is clean hang up, if empty check with mum what needs to go in
Kitchen Floor - Sweep the floor and behind the recycling bin
Check flat for - Cups, cutlery, plates and anything kitchen related

Living Room

Sofa's - Clear and tidy and make sure covers are correct
Pets - Make sure Ed, Fish, Frank, and Cats have feed and freshwater (make sure clean bowls are used)
Tidy - Make sure everything is tidy, bags away uniforms, coats, shoes, and everything is in the right place and not just dumped in the corner.
Hoover - Floor, Cats, and cereal area
Take any items out that do not belong in the living room - plates cups etc
Make sure cat's biscuits are full
Make sure that the bird has food and water

Bathroom and Hallway

Bath - spray with cleaner scrub and rinse with shower
Sink - spray with cleaner scrub and rinse with water
Toilet - clean the toilet seat with spray and wipe with toilet roll, with a toilet brush clean inside the bowl and add bleach
Window ledge - make sure is tidy and not a dumping ground make sure everything is returned to the shelving that is not being used
Cat litter - to be checked and changed and replaced
Bin - Empty the little bin and remove any extras
Floor - Sweep the floor
Hallway - Put shoes away, make sure coats are hanged up, boxes of wires are put away and not left out, Hoovered and clear